Our Services

 Custom Crates:  QCP can design and build different shapes and size crates to meet our customer's specifications and needs.  For further protection of your valuable freight we can construct the following:

  •  Special Cradles
  •  Saddles
  •  Braces
  •  Hood Boxing
  •  Custom Heavy Duty Pallets
  •  Heavy Duty Support Skids
  •  Skid Strapping
  •  Pipe Bundling



Packing Services:  QCP employees provide the highest quality of service for the protection of our customer's materials.  We receive materials by verifying part numbers, descriptions, and quantities.  Our packing services include professional handling of equipment, as well as blocking and bracing for proper securement.  For added protection, we also vacuum pack, shrink wrap, and water proof with crate liners.   



 Shrink Wrapping:  QCP has the capabilities of shrink wrapping equipment that doesn't necessarily need to be crated, but still needs protection from weather conditions. Any size or shape of an item can be effectively protected to keep items clean and dry. This poly shrink wrap material protects overseas shipments from corrosive salt water air and is recyclable.



Vacuum Packing:  QCP offers vacuum packing and desiccant placement as a service to our customers to ensure protection from ambient moisture. 



 On-Site Services:  QCP has the capabilities of packing and crating equipment at your location to your specifications by our mobile packing crew, who can accomplish any task as is done at our facility. 

                            (Before)                                                                (After)

Audit of Freight:  Let QCP make all the necessary arrangements for in-land freight and international shipments for you.


Detailed Tracking:  QCP will maintain a master database for all freight movement, digital photos will be taken of cargo upon arrival and upon shipment to ensure integrity and a complete record of all transactions for all shipments will be provided. 


Fumigation Services:  QCP can provide fumigation services for crates going to certain parts of the world that require such services. 


Container Loading/ Flat Rack Loading:  QCP has the capabilities of loading, blocking, bracing, and strapping to customs regulations on any size container or flat rack. We also offer the service of stripping the container or flat rack if necessary.





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